About the comic...

Tyrus Caine is a comic that draws inspiration from numerous sources, way too many to count. However, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Titan AE, Valerian (the comic) and The Incal, in no particular order, would all feature prominently on such a list. As such, the Tyrus Caine Universe (TCU?) allows for both science fiction and magic, aliens and fantasy creatures. If a story calls for mythical creatures or light sabres, we will shamelessly mix it all up -  in style - and with an original twist of our own. It’s not about hard science, but allowing the authors to have fun with as few rules and restrictions as possible...

The comic started as a learning-by-doing project for creator Dennis W. Hansen, a life-long comic book fan and wanna-be comic artist. Through a mutual friend Morten Brunbjerg became attached to the project during the third story, helping out with guidance and ideas using his experience as an established writer. For now, five stories are available - completely free - on this site. The team is working on a brand new story, and is looking into opportunities for getting it into print and sold in comic book stores around the world! Please get in touch if you're interested in working with us on this! 

Dennis Waldorff Hansen - Creator, Artist & Writer

I'm from Herlev, a small suburb outside Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm 47 years old and the proud father of an almost adult teenager. I'm also a veteran of the Danish games industry, but my first and real love has always been comics.

Making a game is a collaborative effort and being part of a big team can be very rewarding. Sometimes however you're just a small part of a great machine, and I needed a creative outlet where nobody would tell me if this or that would work - or even worse - sell!

Having worked with 3D for all of my career in games, I also longed to get back to the more intuitive art of drawing. My idols include Frank Frazetta, Wally Wood, Mike Mignola, Chris Samnee, André Franquin and Janry. I soaked up all kinds of tutorials on drawing and making comics, and eventually mustered enough courage to start what would become the first Tyrus Caine story.

I soon also realized that I'm not a great writer, and I reached out to friends asking if they knew a great writer - and that's how I got to know Morten...


Morten Brunbjerg - Writer

I’m straight from the suburbs of Copenhagen Denmark, where I grew up watching VHS tapes of everything sci-fi and fantasy till my tapes were worn out. I played video games, same genres, and finally started writing my own stories, dreaming of a career as a writer.

Today, I’ve been making a living as a freelance writer for almost a decade. I mostly work with interactive storytelling on video games in a variety of genres and sizes.

I first met Dennis, the creator of Tyrus Caine, in a video game company. When he showed me the Tyrus project, I instantly fell in love with the characters and offered my assistance.

In the beginning, I was just helping out, suggesting some dialogue tweaks here and there. As Dennis and I got to know each other better, we started collaborating more and more on the stories for the comic books, and now I’m delighted and proud to be a permanent part of the adventures of Tyrus and Melody.