Sins of a Father

Tyrus is just trying to get something to eat when an encounter at a diner gets real ugly fast. Suddenly he finds himself embroiled in the middle of a war between two gangster factions,  while also trying to protect a young woman that hides a dark secret.

Volume 1 - 32 pages


Tyrus and Melody respond to a distress signal, and following the beacon they arrive at a supposedly barren planet called Morast, where a vessel has crash-landed.

Volume 2 - 18 pages

Pain and Pleasure

Tyrus and Melody have decided to part ways and are headed to a seedy mining facility, where Melody will look for a transport to bigger and better places, while Tyrus look for any odd job. Before saying goodbye they want to enjoy one final meal together.

Volume 3 - 8 pages


Following a crash landing Tyrus and Melody have been taken in by a tribe that live a modest and old-fashioned lifestyle. Melody is eager to leave, but Tyrus is enjoying their new life, and perhaps even an opportunity for a romance with a local woman.

Volume 4 - 17 pages


Salvatore is a wealthy philanthropist, a collector of fine arts and the owner of a shelter for endangered species. He is also looking to add another item to his already vast collection of rare and vintage weapons; namely the Sturmgard XI that Melody carries on her hip.

Volume 5 - 12 pages

The Early Years Collection

This anthology collects the first five Tyrus Caine stories in one PDF, and also includes bonus material such as sketches and commentary.

Collection - 110 pages

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